Trust & safety

Great deals require trust

Sure, letgo makes it easier than ever to find great deals in your neighborhood - but every one of those deals also requires trust and integrity. Our users are expected to accurately and fairly represent themselves and the items they sell on letgo, and we don’t tolerate attempts to deceive or defraud others.

Live and letgo as a community

We love that letgo has grown into such a massive mobile marketplace, but we also love that it’s a community - and that means the people buying and selling on letgo are your neighbors. (So remember to be, well, neighborly.) Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, stay true to your word, and help us keep this community positive.

If it’s not yours to sell, it’s not for us

This might sound obvious, but you must rightfully own anything you intend to sell on letgo. We have a zero-tolerance policy for stolen goods, including violations of intellectual property. Counterfeit goods or items sold without permission from their rightful owner aren’t allowed on letgo.

We follow the law (and you should, too)

We have our own guidelines, but we also respect and follow local laws, so make sure you know what you can legally buy and sell on letgo in your own area. (If you feel iffy about something, it’s probably worth looking it up.)

Local law enforcement and letgo

In addition to letgo’s cutting-edge technology and internal Trust & Safety experts, we also work closely with local law enforcement across the country to help keep letgo secure.

Law enforcement professionals with questions can reach our team using this contact form.

Looking for more? You can find our community guidelines (including a list of items prohibited on letgo) right here.

Questions or concerns? Contact us.