trust & safety

great deals require trust. act with integrity.

letgo makes it easier than ever to find great deals in your neighborhood, but we can’t do it alone. every deal requires trust. accurately and fairly represent yourself and the items you’re buying or selling on letgo. attempts to deceive or defraud users are not tolerated.

letgo is more than an app. it’s a community.

we built a giant community around letting go of your stuff, but we think it’s important to hang onto the values you learned as a kid. we’re talking about the basics: treat others as you’d like to be treated and do what you say you will. remember, the people you talk to on letgo are your own neighbors.

if it’s not yours to sell, it’s not for us

you must rightfully own anything you intend to sell on letgo. we have a zero tolerance policy for stolen goods. remember, violating someone else’s intellectual property is a form of theft. counterfeit goods or anything sold without permission from its rightful owner aren’t allowed on letgo.

we follow the law and you should too

it’s your responsibility to understand all local laws in your area and to make sure it’s legal for you to buy or sell your item on letgo.

law enforcement

in addition to letgo's cutting-edge technology and other proactive measures we take, we also work closely with local law enforcement across the country to keep letgo secure.

law enforcement professionals with questions can reach our team via the contact form below.

please read and respect our community guidelines and, most importantly, use common sense. if you wouldn’t sell it to your aunt, it’s not for letgo.

have a concern? contact us.