Senior Software Engineer (Scala)

Letgo is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally in Turkey. We’re powering a new, second-hand economy on mobile with a diverse, passionate and hardworking team that’s connecting millions of buyers and sellers. And who helps us doing it? Our incredible Squads! Letgo hires amazing people, not just amazing “talent” — character is just as important to us as technical expertise and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is also core to letgo's values.  And now you are thinking…‘’How can I be part of this?’’ Let’s us help with the answer! 

We're looking for a  Scala Developer to be a part of our Backend team- An amazing team where everyone learns from each other, and our culture encourages it a lot. We offer the opportunity to work in a complex environment where many different microservices interact with each other, resolving hard problems at the same time individually. We are focused on an interesting market with lots of opportunities for growth.

As a Scala Developer you will will be part of both, your squad and the community of practice for backend that brings together all the backend developers in the company. This means that your work will influence both, the features and user centered improvements from your squad as well as the general strategy for backend in the community of practice. 

In our product teams at Letgo we value autonomy and they are required to work on problems instead on solutions that come from above. When deciding what to do or how to influence the specific company goals that the teams can influence, they are involved from the ideation process.

 What do our services look like:

  • 30 microservices in PHP, 10 microservices in Scala, 3 microservices in GO (and growing). Most of them are pretty new but there’s also some legacy😛
  • Our stack: 
  • Our stack: Akka, Akka HTTP, Akka Streams, Cats, Slick, SNS-SQS, DynamoDB, MariaDB, ELK, Grafana, Kafka, Jenkins CI...
  • Our full stack:
  • Squad-based teams made up of backend engineers, mobile/front-end engineers, QA, Ops, product manager and engineering manager
  • Several daily deploys per microservice

What will be your responsibilities?

  • Design and implement new features (both in existing and new microservices)
  • Add valuable tests
  • Improve systems’ performance and scalability
  • Influence product requirements and operational plans
  • Deliver value to our users. Deploying is included in our Definition of Done
  • Triage, diagnose, and solve problems in our services used by millions of users per day

What skills are we looking for?

  • Experience with Scala, JVM, Solr/Elasticsearch, RDBM, No-sql
  • Strong knowledge and ability to apply best practices 
  • Interest in functional programming
  • Focused on delivery towards DevOps mentality
  • Experience working with Agile methodologies (we use Scrum and Kanban)
  • Ability to proactively find and solve problems
  • Understanding of the importance of iteration and improvement. Don’t fall in love with your code
  • Appreciation for both developing high-quality software and delivering value to users quickly
  • A proactive and team-worker mindset

What would be a bonus to have?

  • Advanced AWS knowledge
  • Experience with PHP & other programming languages

What do we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation allowance and lunch card
  • Team-building activities
  • An outstanding online training platform to improve your professional skills

If you are ready to live the dream and apply for this role, it only takes a few minutes to apply using our simple application template. Once submitted online our talent scouts promise to give it serious consideration. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible, and we will respond to every application no matter what.

If you’d like to learn more about Letgo take a look at the other parts of our website.
And remember, we are an equal opportunities employer!