The way people shop for cars has changed.

More and more, people prefer searching for their next car on mobile - and letgo PRO makes it easy to list your inventory right where the most interested buyers are already looking.

That’s because letgo PRO was designed with dealers like you in mind, from seamless interfacing with online feed providers to shortcuts that help the best leads contact your dealership. With just a few clicks, you can list your cars on the mobile marketplace that’s home to tens of millions of buyers and sellers every month.

Want your vehicles to get noticed by a unique local audience that’s ready to buy?
Take a look at letgo PRO, and see how we’re connecting dealers and buyers on the biggest, fastest-growing marketplace of its kind!

Why do buyers and car dealers prefer letgo?

100 million downloads and counting

We get it. There are lots of places to list your cars online. But with 100 million downloads and counting, letgo is the biggest app out there for buying and selling locally - and with letgo PRO, you get exclusive access to dealer-friendly tools that help you list your inventory in just a few clicks.

Why do people prefer letgo? Because letgo is built for real people. (The people right in your area, actually.) By connecting local buyers and sellers and creating an app that keeps our users coming back, we’re making it simple for people to buy cars the way they want - and with letgo PRO, listing your cars is just as easy.

Get more calls from serious leads

Want better leads? We’re built for mobile, so we can show your listings to a unique local audience that’s ready to buy and already looking for a dealer like you. (And there are a lot of those people. Our users send each other up to 60 million messages about vehicle listings every month.)

That’s why letgo PRO is designed to make standing out and selling your cars as easy as listing them. With exclusive features like a dealer badge for your profile and click-to-call on your listings, the people in your area who know what they’re looking for will know exactly where to find a dealer they can trust.

Quick setup, zero busywork

Listing your cars online shouldn’t be a chore, so letgo PRO is designed to seamlessly fit in with everything you’re already doing. Just take five minutes to connect your feed provider and sync your inventory, and you’re done. (Seriously, that’s all there is to it.)

Because letgo PRO integrates with major feed providers, uploading and managing your inventory only takes a few clicks, and you get all the benefits of a massive audience without taking on any busywork. All you have to do is create your account, and we’ll handle the rest.

Try letgo PRO free for 30 days

Not sure if letgo PRO is for you? Try it free for 30 days, and see for yourself just how easy it is to list your inventory! No long-term commitments or catches, either - just a risk-free way to put yourself in front of more mobile buyers and start selling more cars.

Got any questions? You can call the letgo PRO team directly at (855) 420-0276 or email us at

Try letgo PRO for yourself with 30 days free!


Interested buyers who find you on letgo can call your dealership with the tap of a button - and you’ll always know how they found you.

Inventory sync

Because letgo syncs with your online feed provider, you’ll know that your listings are always up to date automatically.

Location pins

Buyers who want to visit your dealership will always know exactly how to find you with our built-in map.

Weekly performance stats report

Want to see how your performance changes from week to week? Curious how many calls you’ve gotten? We’ll email you regular update reports with key stats.

PRO badge for your letgo profile

Want to stand out from the crowd and inspire serious confidence in buyers? Your PRO badge shows buyers that you’re the real deal.

Simple shortcuts for connecting with leads

We make it easy for buyers to connect with you on letgo via phone and chat, so you don’t have to miss out on any leads who are interested in your inventory.

Try letgo PRO for yourself with 30 days free!