Secondhander Spotlight: William (aka DJ Android) in NYC

letgo | Mar 31, 2020

Note: This Spotlight interview was conducted on March 2nd. You can find the most up-to-date information regarding buying and selling during the COVID-19 outbreak in this post.

When it comes to secondhanding, everyone has unique passions and expertise - so we’re learning more about what ignites a spark in our community!

In our last Secondhander Spotlight, we met a vintage-loving couple that finds inspiration in antiques. Today, we’re talking to a gaming and tech aficionado from Brooklyn whose expertise in electronics helps him discover some fantastic finds.

Without further ado, let’s get to know William!

William (aka DJ Android)
New York City

How did you get started selling on letgo?

I love tech. Everything about me is tech. You go in my room, I took the clothes out of my closet and turned it into a whole tech room. 

I started with tech at the age of 5, watching my dad, because he’s into it, watching him fix computers. At age 6, I was able to repair and program a computer.

When I see something I want, I always want to find out how I can get it locally. I hate ordering stuff, I hate waiting. Most of the time, the stuff you buy secondhand is great quality, it’s just cheaper. And I want it now, not in five to seven business days.

Do you have a favorite find? 

The latest was an RTX 2060 - one of the newest graphics cards, for top-of-the-line graphics. I sold my RX 560 recently and used that money to buy the 2060. It’s one of the things I’ve always wanted, and I found it on letgo.

What’s your process like for finding that stuff?

I look online and find the retail price. Now I know to look around that price. I do some research on the device. If someone is selling for a low price, I ask why. Maybe they just don’t use it anymore, but is there anything wrong with it? 

If I’m on my PC, I’m gonna go full research. I’m gonna right-click that photo to Google image search that image. I’m gonna ask for the serial number and look it up. For a phone, look up the IMEI number, look it up and see if it’s blacklisted. I’m gonna ask them what they use something for, how they use it, what’s it come with, all that.

How do you approach that? Especially for something like a graphics card, it’s not like you can bring your computer tower to a meetup and plug it in to test if it works.

Something like that, I ask for photos or video of it working. For that one, before I bought it, I said, can you make a video of your setup and play a game using it.

It sounds like transparency is extra valuable when it comes to electronics. Do people ask you to do stuff like that, too, when you’re selling?

Sure. Photos, videos, whatever they want to see, I’ll show it. And I wouldn’t sell something if it’s broken, I’ll repair it first.

What about when your electronics are totally done? Do you dispose of them, or sell them for parts?

No, I’ll hang it up. Use it for decoration. I’m always upgrading - like, I had the Samsung Gear, the first one. It stopped working, and I got the second one, but instead of throwing out or selling the first one, I hung it up. I won’t find it anywhere else.

So you basically have a museum of older technology on your wall!

Yeah. I personally find it really interesting keeping it.

Got any secondhanding tips?

I’m on there every day, just browsing. Just pick your category and browse, see what’s new. You never know. My fastest time from seeing an item to picking it up was four hours. I just go to the electronics category and start scrolling. I see it, I want it, I get it.

And do research. Before you buy and before you sell. Before buying, research the product. Look at unboxings, look at reviews, look at the specs, look at everything with a price in mind and plan your purchase accordingly. If you’re selling, do the exact same thing. And either way, be safe. Meet in a public place, and bring a friend.

Thanks again to William for sharing your story! 

Want more? You can find him on Instagram and YouTube!

Note: This Spotlight interview was conducted on March 2nd. You can find the most up-to-date information regarding buying and selling during the COVID-19 outbreak in this post.