New: Double your visibility every day and sell faster with featured listings

letgo | Nov 13, 2018

Ever wish you could sell things twice as fast on letgo?

Because your wish just came true!

(Specifically, that wish. Not the one about winning the lottery and getting one of those giant checks.)

Featured listings on letgo help you attract twice as many buyers every single day!

When you feature a listing, we’ll send it back to the top of the feed and make it stand out with eye-catching details like its title, price, and more. You can feature it for up to 7 days in a row, and we’ll bump it back up to the tippy-top once a day to put it in the spotlight again and again!

(Does it make selling on letgo too easy? Maybe. But we figured you’re probably okay with that.)

Ready to see for yourself?

Visit your letgo profile in our app, and feature a listing of your own!


Need help? You can always contact our customer care team using this form. Happy listing!