Let’s turn stuff into living

letgo | Jan 14, 2019

Let’s face it: the stuff we have isn’t always the right stuff – the stuff we actually need to start living the life we want.


But what if you could transform what you have into what you want? (Without needing an advanced degree in witchcraft or anything, either.)

Because when you let go of what you don’t need, you can turn that stuff into something – and that’s why we’re making this the year of less stuff, more living.

Your college guitar can become a plane ticket. Your recliner can become a snowboarding lesson. Last season’s purse can become a trip to the spa!

The next time you’re embracing your inner Marie Kondo, take a good look at the things you own that no longer bring joy and ask yourself: what would you turn them into?

Sure, thanking your old smartphone for its service and tossing it feels liberating – but when you live and letgo by selling it to someone who’ll really love it, everybody wins! Especially the smartphone. It really deserves better than going to a landfill.

So go ahead – don’t just let go of the things you don’t use. Live and letgo, and turn that stuff into living!