Learning reupholstery skills with the NYC secondhanding community

letgo | Jan 28, 2020

Buying and selling secondhand makes you part of a community that’s changing our relationship with stuff - especially when you learn the upcycling skills to really make something your own!

That’s why this January, we teamed up with Remade in Brooklyn for a live reupholstery workshop for NYC secondhanders. This local nonprofit specializing in repair education shared some of their upcycling expertise with letgo users, showing how to transform secondhand finds into beautiful, revitalized furniture with a new lease on life!

Remade and friends kicked things off with a live demonstration of beginner reupholstery techniques:

Then our group of secondhand enthusiasts got hands-on by refreshing some pieces of their own! (With a special thanks to our friends at Remix Market NYC and The Junkluggers for donating furniture for everyone to learn on!)

When you develop the skills to repair, rejuvenate, and reuse the things you already have - and the things you buy secondhand - you’re empowered to reduce waste and save money while also creating something uniquely yours!

Thanks to everyone who attended this live workshop - and thanks again to Remade in Brooklyn and friends for teaching us a thing or two about upcycling!

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About Remade in Brooklyn:

Remade in Brooklyn is a North Brooklyn workshop space dedicated to repairing and making things from rescued materials. They are open to all local residents, fixers, creative reusers, hackers and artists, and support their community by sharing skills and sparking ideas - because repair and reuse saves resources and reduces waste to create a circular economy.

Remade in Brooklyn is a member of the global Remade Network of community fixer spaces, a nonprofit social enterprise that creates a new business model around repair education and creative reuse.

About Remix Market NYC:

Remix Market is a creative reuse center & fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Operated by The Junkluggers, Remix Market NYC donates & resells furniture, art, and appliances at competitive prices to eliminate waste and make basic necessities accessible to New Yorkers at all income levels.

About The Junkluggers:

The Junkluggers is a premium eco-friendly furniture and junk removal company specializing in donating, reusing, and recycling. In an effort to keep things out of the landfill, The Junkluggers hauls away what people no longer want or need, and donates or recycles on their behalf. Also, if any item is accepted by a non-profit The Junkluggers provide a tax receipt.