Introducing letgo Reveal—The Easiest Way to Value and Sell Your Stuff

team letgo | Jul 16, 2018

The time has come—we’re ready to share our latest and greatest magic trick with the world. (Nope, we can’t pull a rabbit out of a top hat, but good guess. It’s more impressive than that if you ask us!) Our newest technology innovation is called letgo Reveal and it is designed to make selling your stuff on letgo even easier than before.

Using real-time image recognition and other artificial intelligence, Reveal allows you to point your smart phone’s camera at any almost item and immediately know how much your things are worth and how quickly they could sell based on similar listings. So now when you go to list your item on letgo, we’re able to suggest a selling price and set expectations on how long it might take to close the deal. Knowing these details will help you and other sellers price your listings competitively and sell faster by drawing insights from hundreds of millions of other listings across letgo’s marketplace.

Watch the magic happen:

We designed this feature because we believe in the benefits that secondhand buying and selling brings to the world and we want you to realize the value of your unused items. Chances are you’re sitting on a cold, hard pile of cash. So what are you waiting for? Unlock that phone, head to your letgo app, and list an item for sale.

Reveal takes the guesswork out of selling by effortlessly telling you what almost anything you own is worth and how high current demand is for similar items. With a tap, you can post that item for sale and we will automatically suggest a title, price and category. (Don’t worry, you can easily edit these details and add others anytime.) And BOOM—your item is live! Now wasn’t that easy?

Have questions? Send us an email at and we’d be glad to help. Happy listing!