It’s time to turn stuff into living

Because honestly, the stuff we have isn’t always the right stuff. The stuff we need to live the life we want. But your old bookshelf? That’s someone else’s new bookshelf. Someone else’s record collection is your new dinner party playlist. And your vintage, signed LeBron jersey is…well, someone else’s vintage, signed LeBron jersey.

We created letgo to help make secondhanding second nature by making it quicker, simpler, and more fun - and with over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, it's clear that letgo makes it simple to buy and sell locally. Because listing what you don’t need with the snap of a photo and finding what you want right in your own neighborhood doesn’t just help you buy and sell more - it helps you live more. (Plus, it’s free. Free is good.)

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for less stuff and more living. It’s time to live and letgo.


Selling something should be as painless as it was to buy it in the first place. We balance advanced tech with intuitive design, so letgo’s got it where it counts and selling feels totally effortless. (Okay, almost totally effortless. But you get the idea.)


There’s a secret economy right in your neighborhood, and letgo is your ticket in. Need a new gaming controller, an antique model airplane, or some tiny ceramic succulent planters? Find them all locally on letgo, and…do whatever it is you plan on doing with all that.

We won’t judge your buying habits - even if they’re, you know, unique.

Building a better community

We take the trust and safety of the tens of millions of people who use letgo pretty seriously. That’s why we offer verified user profiles with ratings and reviews, so you can easily see who you’re talking to and what other people have said about them. It’s why we use machine learning to identify and block inappropriate content, and why we work closely with local law enforcement. And most importantly, it’s what drives our commitment to constantly improving, so buying and selling on letgo feels better all the time.


  • Busy public places like coffee shops and bank lobbies are safe, convenient meeting spots.
  • Never give out personal financial information.
  • Use letgo’s in-app chat feature to communicate with other users.
  • Check out other users' letgo profiles, ratings and reviews to see who they are and hat others have said about them.

What we’re up to

What’s new with letgo? So glad you asked! (You probably asked)

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letgo of your less awesome job

There’s a lot to love about letgo: our app, the tens of millions of people who use it, all the pretty colors on our website…and of course, our team!

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